Video Streaming Services 


Try Prime


See films and shows in HD quality. This is included in the Prime Membership, which comes with a lot of other benefits, including the 1-day shipping.

Prime video has grown in recent years. Now the service has original and exclusive content including the wildly successful Mr. Robot and American Gods. As well as a whole host of other film and TV options spanning years.

Access: Browsers, Smart TVs, Smart Boxes, Consoles, Phone, and Tablet. Notably,  Apple TV coming soon. Before the end of the year.

Original Pick: American Gods

Pros:- 30 day free trial for new members. Large range of content, including some recent movies. All the benefits of Amazon Prime.

Cons: – Not as much high-quality original content as some other services.


  • Free 1-month trial
  • £5.99/month – Just Video
  • £7.99/month – Full Prime
  • £89/year – Full Prime



Try Netflix


The king (or queen) of online video streaming. Both views and critics are raving about the original content that Netflix has, and has in the works. And a very health catalogue of other Films and shows also.  If you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Netflix is the one for you. With a large number of shows that expand on the comic book universe. 

Access: Browsers, Smart TVs, Smart Boxes, Consoles, Apple TV, Phone, and Tablet

Original Pick: Grace and Frankie

Pros: Large number of original, quality content titles. Every growing library of content.  

Cons. Cinematic releases are not added as quickly as Now TV  or Amazon Prime.


  • Free 1-month trial,
  • £5.99 – SD Streams, 1 screen
  • £7.49 – HD Streams, 2 screens
  • £8.99 – UHD Streams, 4 screens


Now TV

Try Now TV


This is the more pricey option of the 3 services mentioned here. However, it does feature the fastest cinema to available with regards to film out of the 3. With films taking roughly 6-9 months from DVD release to being available on the platform, rather than 12 plus months.

Now TV is devices into 4 sections, each with its own “Pass”, they are Sky Cinema (Films), Entertainment (TV & Boxsets), Sports, and Kids. Each has its own price, and you can have as many or as few as you like.

With the entertainment pass, this is where organically content from Sky and HBO will be available. Game of Thrones is available in entirety and is able to stream live, as it is show n the US (all be it at 2 am UK time), but it is available to stream directly after. Also included with this pass are a number o TV channels from Sky that can either be streamed live or you can access the on demand content related to those channels.

Original Pick: Game of Thrones

Pros:  Recent releases, as Live TV for a number of channels. 

Cons: Price, Pass confusion. 14- Day trial for Movies and Entertainment. None for sports.


Various Price plans for Sports:

  • £6.99 Day pass
  • £10.99 Week Pass
  • £33.99 Month Pass


  • £9.99 Month Pass


  • £6.99 (will be increasing to £7.99) month pass


  • £2.99 month pass