Floating Bird: Whats it all about?

There is a video at the moment that is getting a lot of attention. First of all, here is that video?

What’s going on?

Every video camera is just a camera that takes X number of pictures every second. This is call a “frame rate” , display devices, such as the screen you’re seeing this on now has has a frame rate too, normally referred to as the refresh rate. 

Us humans and our monkey brains, perceive fluid motion from a frame rate of roughly 20 per second. Most cameras found on smartphones today have a camera capable of 30 FPS (Frames per sec), in standard mode, they can do higher with “High Speed Mode” with 240 FPS. When the footage is slowed down to 30fps, it looks as tho what ever you filmed is going really slow.

On the other hand, in Time-lapse mode, the camera will take 1 image every few seconds. When you’re done the footage is at a frame rate of 30FPS, make the final footage seem as though the subject is moving very quickly. 

In the video above, with the bird, the bird is flapping its wings at the same rate as the camera is taking pictures every second.  To us humans who  perceived fluid motion from another above 20 or so frames a second, the bird appears to be floating rather than flying. 

This is the same effect that is created when you see a recording of wheels spinning round, sometimes they appear to be turning backwards.