Apple Releases Preview of New Emoji

Coming later this year, before the end of 2017, Apple will included new emoji, as highlighted by the Emoji 5.0 update that was confirmed earlier this month by the Unicode Consortium. Not sure what I mean? Check out this post for more information.

Google, Microsoft, Facebook and I’m sure all the others will also update their take on these Emoji before the end of the year. Apple has previewed the below Emoji.

Zebra; Why hasn’t this been including until now?

Dino;  We are in 2017, we needed this before now

Crazy Face; for when your friends or co-workers are being extra zany.

Vomit Face; For when you need to express your true feelings regarding your mothers Sunday roast.

Mind Blown; For truly awesome replies


Star eyed; Not quite as awesome as mind blown, but still up there.

Bearded Man; For people with beards who haven’t had chance to express themselves just yet.

Hijab; Excellent inclusion for diversity.

Locus Position; When you want to calm yourself, or meditate, now you can express exactly how, in 1 simple emoji.

Breastfeeding mother;  If you find this offensive, I’m not sorry.

Elf and Zombie; Lord of the Rings and the Walking Dead need their own Emoji.